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Host an Event at The Makery

Nestled in the heart of downtown Wake Forest, The Makery is not just an event venue – it's a living canvas that transforms your gatherings into an unforgettable masterpiece. 

As you step into this unique space, you'll be greeted by the dynamic fusion of contemporary design and curated art installations. The walls themselves breathe with creativity, showcasing a rotating collection of works by local artists. Our versatile event space caters to a variety of occasions. Whether you're planning a corporate event, wedding, or a social soirée, The Makery provides a sophisticated backdrop that effortlessly blends sophistication with the avant-garde.

Weddings & Bridal Showers

Celebrate the union of love in a setting where art and romance intertwine – host your wedding or bridal shower at our enchanting art gallery. Picture saying "I do" surrounded by captivating paintings, sculptures, and the vibrant energy of creativity. The Makery's unique ambiance provides a backdrop that transcends traditional venues, offering a truly distinctive and memorable experience for both the couple and their guests.


Birthday Parties

Elevate your birthday celebration to new heights by hosting it at our captivating art gallery. The Makery can transform from a kid-friendly atmosphere to one that is sophisticated and elegant, the choice is yours. Whether you're celebrating a milestone or simply reveling in the joy of another year, the gallery's ambiance adds a touch of creativity and sophistication to your festivities. Guests can explore the curated artworks, creating an interactive and engaging atmosphere that sparks conversation and connection.


Family Events & Parties

Transform your family gatherings into unforgettable experiences by choosing our art gallery as the backdrop for your events. From graduation parties to family reunions, The Makery's curated artworks provide a captivating environment that sparks conversation and shared moments. Imagine sharing laughter and stories surrounded by thought-provoking paintings and sculptures, creating lasting memories against a backdrop of artistic expression. Our versatile event spaces cater to various family sizes and preferences, ensuring that every gathering is as unique and special as your bond.


Corporate & Business Events

Elevate your corporate events to a level of sophistication and creativity by choosing our art gallery as the premier venue for your business gatherings. The Makery provides a unique and inspiring backdrop, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration for your team. Imagine hosting meetings, conferences, or networking events surrounded by curated artworks that stimulate creativity and conversation.

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