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Makery Art Exhibition 
Open Call for Art 

Entry Fee: $20


  • All mediums will be considered, provided the works are for sale.

  • Commission rate: 60% to the artist, 40% to the gallery.

  • Open to all artists in the United States.

  • If accepted:

    • 2D artworks must be able to hang by wire or other acceptable means.

    • 3D works must be self-standing with minimal assistance or come with necessary display items (e.g., hangars, hooks, stands). The gallery provides pedestals.

  • Completing this application does not guarantee an exhibit but places your work on a waitlist from which the gallery selects artists as space becomes available. This process can take several months or years due to limited space and exhibition slots each year.

  • Selected artists will be contacted and provided with additional information.

Eligibility: This is not a digital exhibition, if your work is accepted, it will need to be hand delivered to the gallery at 317 E. Roosevelt Ave. Wake Forest, NC 27587 at the artists expense. Commission is given to the artist at the close of the exhibition. 

Entry Fee: All entry fees are non-refundable and go toward making the Makery WF a sustainable business. These fees cover various costs including but not limited to: staff, labor, marketing, print materials, rent and more. 

Liability: All entries will be handled with the utmost care while in our possession. The Makery is not liable for damages that are out of our control. The Makery is not liable for artwork during transportation to or from the gallery. As such, we highly recommend you insure your artwork to and from the gallery, as we cannot assure safe transport to or from the gallery without damages. The Makery reserves the right to refuse coverage to artwork with inherent vices, high values or that is deemed unstable. By entering into this show, the artist agrees to abide by all rules and regulations as set by exhibition guidelines.


The Makery will take all due care in the handling of entries but cannot accept any financial liability for loss or damage of any works not picked up within the work return period. If an artist fails to pick up work during the work return period, after 30 days, the gallery shall have the right at its discretion to dispose of the work as they see fit or sell the work for full commission to the gallery to support its mission. Artists not wishing to pay for return shipping may request the work to be destroyed or allow the gallery to sell the work for full commission to the gallery to support the organization's mission.

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